Well Inspection and Cleaning

Proper well development and cleaning consist of a wide array of procedures. Here in Costa Rica there seems to be a cookie cutter approach to cleaning wells. Normally this consist of pulling the pump and then blowing the well with compressed air hopefully removing sediments or mineral deposits that may be diminishing the wells capacity. This is a form of well rehabilitation but it is not the proper procedure for cleaning and developing a water well.

Water wells should be cleaned a minimum of every 3 years.

Below is a step-by-step procedure that we incorporate in to nay well cleaning. It must be important to realize that the cleaning and development procedure is depending on what problems are identified in the primary inspection of the water well.

Well Pump Removal

Well pump will be removed form existing water well. Pumping system will be inspected and a report will be produced based on the inspection results.

Well Inspection using Down the Hole Camera

Water well will be inspected using a dual camera. This camera operates with two different cameras. The first camera inspects directly below the probe, showing all oncoming visual details of the well as the probe is lowered into the water well. The second camera is a camera that rotates 360 degrees in either direction. This camera is for identifying with the highest resolution possible, defects or pertinent information that will help us address the well cleaning procedures.

Well Cleaning using Dual Swab Method

Two development methods, airlift and mechanical surging are often combined to remove fine material and mineral deposits from the formation. In this technique, a double surge block assembly attached to drill pipe is raised and dropped rapidly producing the required turbulence in and near the screen.

Simultaneously, water is lifted with air inside the drill pipe from the development zone isolated by the two surge blocks also noted as “PACKERS”. Please see diagram.

After the water becomes free of sediment, assembly is lowered to the next section of screen. This method is especially efficient because it can concentrate the development energy on short sections of the screen and aquifer.

This dual swab method is vacuuming the screened interval of your water well while also providing a swabbing or plunging action of the screened interval to mechanically remove sediments and minerals from your water well.

Various Chemicals and additives will be introduced during the well cleaning specific to what types of problems are encountered. Normal time for cleaning well with the Dual Swab method is between 8 and 16 hours of mechanical surging and well evacuation.

Chemicals Used to enhance well Cleaning

We use chemicals produced by CLEARWELL based out of the USA. These chemicals are specifically designed for cleaning and rehabilitating water wells. They are safe to use and very effective according to what problem you have with your water well.




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