• Water Well Drilling

    Pura Vida Drilling and Well Services has drilled hundreds of water production wells using the air rotary, reverse circulation, mud rotary, and cable tool methods. Since its beginning, the company has been a leader and innovator in developing methods and equipment used to drill deep, complex wells in a variety of geological conditions.
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  • Groundwater Exploration

    Resistivity imaging is the science of injecting voltage into the ground and measuring current. When this is accomplished using precision scientific instruments, you are able to find high and low resistive anomalies below ground surface. Groundwater would be a very low resistive anomaly.
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  • Geothermal Drilling

    Using the Earth as a heat source/sink a connection is made between the object (building/home/mall/etc), which is to be heated/cooled and the earth. This earth connection begins as piping exiting from the object being heated/cooled and ultimately returns as piping into the object being heated/ cooled.
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  • Hydrofracturing

    If you have a dry or low producing well, hydro-fracturing is your answer! With an existing well or when drilling a new one, Pura Vida Drilling can increase your water flow by expanding natural-occurring cracks in the rock with high pressure water. These cracks, which many times are in abundance around the well bore, can show a significant increase in well output after the hydro fracturing process has been applied.
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  • Well Inspection and Cleaning

    Proper well development and cleaning consist of a wide array of procedures. Here in Costa Rica there seems to be a cookie cutter approach to cleaning wells. Normally this consist of pulling the pump and then blowing the well with compressed air hopefully removing sediments or mineral deposits that may be diminishing the wells capacity. This is a form of well rehabilitation but it is not the proper procedure for cleaning and developing a water well.
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  • Project water distribution design and install

    Pura Vida Drilling and Well Services designs, installs and maintains all types of project and residential water distribution systems. Complete turn key water systems.
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