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Pura Vida Drilling

Pura Vida Drilling and Well Services is a dynamic and forward-thinking company that prides itself on delivering top-notch solutions for groundwater extraction.

Our headquarters, nestled in Naranjo, Alajuela, is just a stone’s throw away from San Jose’s bustling airport, and our talented teams and state-of-the-art equipment are located throughout the exotic landscape of Costa Rica.

At Pura Vida, we offer an array of sophisticated services, including:

  • Precision water well drilling for residential and high-volume commercial wells
  • Advanced geophysical surveying utilizing cutting-edge resistivity imaging techniques
  • Expert pump installation and repair services
  • Water design and distribution system projects that are second to none
  • In-depth hydrogeological studies
  • Full compliance with all Costa Rican water well permit regulations.

As a seasoned professional with 35+ years of drilling experience, I have held water well drilling licenses in the states of Colorado and Kansas, USA.

Our team of seasoned experts is fully equipped with the latest U.S. technology and equipment, and we have extensive experience drilling in the diverse geologies of Costa Rica. Our largest drilling rig is capable of reaching depths of up to 1000 meters, and we use both mud rotary and air rotary methods to achieve our goals.

Our clients come from a range of diverse industries, including real estate developers, homeowners, municipalities, industry leaders, and agricultural entities. We are committed to delivering projects on time, to the highest standards of excellence, and always with an eye towards client satisfaction.

We cordially invite you to join the ranks of our satisfied clients and entrust Pura Vida Drilling and Well Services with all your groundwater extraction needs.

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Jerry Werth


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Our projects are fully tested, background checked, license validated
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Our Founder

Once upon a time, in 2001, an adventurer packed up his life and set off on a month-long trip to the lush and vibrant land of Costa Rica. But little did he know, this vacation would be the start of an incredible journey and a wild ride that would change his life forever.

With his wife and two young boys by his side, he embarked on a mission to find his forever home in this foreign land. Armed with nothing but a dream and 7 overflowing suitcases, the adventurer arrived at Juan Santa Maria airport in San Jose, ready to make his mark on the world.

He had a vision of buying property, splitting it into lots and selling them for profit. But, when he purchased a parcel near the bustling town of Nosara, he soon realized that he would need to drill a well in order to service the lots. And as fate would have it, this seasoned adventurer was a driller by trade.

After conducting interviews with several local drilling companies, he saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to offer quality drilling services. And thus, his drilling company was born. He and his team became specialists in all types of subterranean extraction, with a focus on delivering top-notch results, no matter the challenge.

35+ years of drilling experience, 21 of which were spent tackling the toughest drilling conditions in Costa Rica, he knew he was the best man for the job. He promised to take the stress off his clients’ hands, and to always deliver a quality job at a fair price.

With their corporate office located in Naranjo, Alajuela, just 15 minutes from the San Jose airport, this adventurer’s story is a testament to the power of following your dreams and never giving up.


First water well drilled in Costa Rica July 26th, 2002, using a Bucyrus Erie 22 cable tool drilling rig.

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