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  • About Pura Vida Drilling

    Pura Vida Drilling and Well Services is a modern and innovative well drilling company that strives to provide our customers with the most efficient and cost saving measures pertaining to ground water extraction.

    Our corporate office is located in Alajuela 15 minutes from the airport in San Jose.

    Our services include:

    • Water well drilling from residential to high production commercial wells.
    • Geophysical Surveying using sophisticated resistivity imaging instruments.
    • Well pump installation and repair.
    • Project water design and distribution systems.
    • Hydrogeological studies.
    • All phases of water well permits in accordance with Costa Rican regulations

    I have over 30 years of drilling experience and have held water well drilling licenses in the states of Colorado and Kansas.

    We have imported all of our drilling equipment from the United States and only install water wells using U.S. technology. All of our crew members are experienced, seasoned well drillers. Most have more than 20 years of drilling experience.

    We have found here in Costa Rica that this is about as tough as it gets when pertaining to drilling. Since most of the country was developed from volcanic eruptions, the geology has a tendency to change very rapidly. We have drilled in all parts of the country and can adapt both technically and mechanically to these changes.

    We utilize both Mud rotary and Air Rotary drill methodologies. Our largest drill rig can drill up to 600 meters deep and still fit in any normal size backyard.

    Our customers are as diverse as our services and include developers, homeowners, municipal, industrial, agricultural entities. Pura Vida Drilling and Well Service’s position as the industry leader in Costa Rica is the result of completing hundreds of projects for these customers in a safe, timely manner while maintaining high standards of excellence.

    We hope you choose us for all your groundwater extraction needs.


    Jerry Werth

  • I came to Costa Rica in 2001 for a month long vacation and fell in love with the country. I always knew I would someday live in a foreign country. At the time both my boys were both very young and I decided it was now or never. We went back and liquidated our lives and found ourselves at the Juan Santa Maria airport located in San Jose with nothing more than a dream and 7 suitcases full of our most precious valuables. I had the idea most have of buying property and splitting lots for sale. I purchased a property near the town of Nosara and realized I would have to drill a water well in order to service the lots. Being a driller I immediately realized there was a need for a good quality drilling company after interviewing a few local companies. That’s where the journey began and were it is today. We are a full service drilling company specializing in all types of subterranean extraction. Costa Rica is as tough as it gets in terms of being able to take a hole down to total depth. Be assured with my 30 years of drilling experience with 13 years of it being here with lost circulation lava formations, you are going to get the best that there is available. Let me take the stress off your hands and be assured you are going to get a quality job at a fair price.

    Our corporate office is located in Alajuela 15 minutes from the airport in San Jose.


    Jerry Edgar Drilling
    First Water well drilled in Costa Rica early 2002 using a Bucyrus Erie 22W cable tool rig in Guancaste.

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